As a company that is still relatively in its infancy, Pursued By Bear should be congratulated on their commitment to taking risks and providing the theatregoing public with thought-provoking, compelling theatre.
— Theatre People

Helmed by three young creatives with vastly different backgrounds and a shared love of good coffee and bad jokes, Pursued By Bear has the opportunity to work with so many incredible people each year - please go look at those credited on the production pages. 

The core of the company is comprised of Natasha Milton, Kyle Smith, and Sarah Tulloch; who are terrible at talking about themselves, even in third person. 

Natasha Milton

Company Manager

Kyle Smith

Business Manager

Sarah Tulloch

Artistic Manager

Pursued By Bear are still yet to bet on or produce a bad musical - I’m excited to see what they’ve got on the cards next.
— Pop Culture-y